iPhone 4: Skype with multitasking support now available!

Skype well known for voice over internet calls, with superior call quality rate has a new update in the iPhone stream. Now Skype also supports multi tasking capabiliities of iOS. i.e you dont have to keep the application open all the time just so that you dont want to miss the calls.

Since its just few weeks, iOs launched to the multitasking masses and today, the dream of always on skype becomes a reality. Skype really steped up to the situation and updated its application support to iOS capabilities. Incoming call while the app isn't in view? you'll see a prompt.

You can also move-into another application while on a call? Its no problem now, The skype call will continue.

As per the speculations that skype planning to start charging for skype-to-skype calls made over 3G. Now you dont have to worry, they dropped that idea, but the skype to non skype calls will be the same. hence regardless of any network you are using skype users will be able to have their conversations.

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